Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watch your step

Is a post from another site. It does have offensive material and I will leave this up for a short time just so you can understand that without realizing, may say an offensive word. I will share with you what I know so that you do not put your foot in your mouth. Promise. But there is still that slim chance. I will tell the story of my father when I traveled with him to Mexico. I call it
"The Blanket Story." Feel free to post your comments under the "Watch your step" post.

Also, I pulled the Innocent Voices movie clip because the clip was not showing the movie but other videos about El Salvador. So, that explains why I was not sure about the "fireworks" at the soccer game that Rogelio described. Feel free to go to youtube and search for "innocent voices movie trailer." The movie is available through Netflix.

English Spanish
Pastor Pastor
Priest Padre
Father Padre
Minister Ministro

So, it was ok for me to go with the English sound alike this time. But sometimes, that is not always the case. As a teacher, I want to teach you the right way. As a learner, it is ok for you to make "mistakes."

Que tenga buen fin de semana...May you have a good week end

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señora said...

Hola Patricia,
I have looked and looked this evening...I have found some possible resources but they are more general and do touch upon banking but a whole flip book or resource book soley for and about banking. I can post those rec's later this weekend.