Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Saludos todos.  Aqui esta mas practica para Uds. 
1.  Think of any words that end in -ical...like identical, ethical, practical, fantatical, historical...and make them Spanish words like this:  identico, etico, practico, fanatico, historico.
Otro:  think of words that end in -al...like cultural, global, intellectual, ritual, emocional, normal...and make them Spanish like this:  cultural, global, intelectual (just drop that extra L), ritual...etc.  You get it. 
Su practica:  think of 10+ words for each category and post them in Spanish in the comment section of this post.
2.  Review Presentacion/ Leccion Quinta-the fifth lesson presentation on our blog, listed at the top of the page.  Take special note in slide #4. 
3.  Review, if you have the book Chapter 6-7.  If you do not,have the book, you can happily review what we have covered so far to domination and near perfection.
4.  Sing your introductory conversation to your favorite nursery rhyme.  :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trabajo Nuevo (New Work)

Por favor, escribe unas frases del libro y responde a las preguntas en la presentacion numero 3.  ¿Quiere una traduccion en ingles?  Please write some sentences from the book (p. 22) and respond to the questions from presentation 3.  Do you want an English translation?  :) Post under comment from this message.  Gracias y nos vemos pronto.