Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Final Week!

This time has moved so fast! Super rapido! I am looking forward to our last 3 lessons. We will revisit the culture in more detail. I would like all of you to think of at least 3 phrases you need right now to help you with your work. I will be making a flip book of phrases for Patricia at the bank. The other flip books are in and I will give them to you at our Wednesday night class.

Our Friday night class was intense and we covered a lot of material as well as reviewed what we have been practicing. This week we will practice what we know. The only major new vocabulary is time based: days of the week, months and some numbers. I look forward to our upcoming week. Enjoy the wonderful autumn!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sorry to miss all of you!

Necesito un doctor excelente de problemas especiales. Mi problema especial es que no duermo (don't sleep) muy bien y necesito una siesta en el medio de la tarde...en el medio de la clase de Español en la escuela y en el hospital de San Jose y en el medio del supermercado. Que loco, eh?

Translation: I need an excellent doctor of special problems. My special problem is that I don't sleep very well and I need a nap in the middle of the the middle of Spanish class at high school and at the St. Joseph's hospital and in the middle of the supermarket. How crazy, uh?

I hope we can make up the time. I am sincerely enjoying this time with all of you and I hope you are too!

Cuidense bien=Take good care of yourself

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watch your step

Is a post from another site. It does have offensive material and I will leave this up for a short time just so you can understand that without realizing, may say an offensive word. I will share with you what I know so that you do not put your foot in your mouth. Promise. But there is still that slim chance. I will tell the story of my father when I traveled with him to Mexico. I call it
"The Blanket Story." Feel free to post your comments under the "Watch your step" post.

Also, I pulled the Innocent Voices movie clip because the clip was not showing the movie but other videos about El Salvador. So, that explains why I was not sure about the "fireworks" at the soccer game that Rogelio described. Feel free to go to youtube and search for "innocent voices movie trailer." The movie is available through Netflix.

English Spanish
Pastor Pastor
Priest Padre
Father Padre
Minister Ministro

So, it was ok for me to go with the English sound alike this time. But sometimes, that is not always the case. As a teacher, I want to teach you the right way. As a learner, it is ok for you to make "mistakes."

Que tenga buen fin de semana...May you have a good week end

Why accent marks are important in Spanish

Why accent marks are important in Spanish

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ethnic Identity

Greetings all!
Tonight, the discussion was centered on what makes a culture and what are the areas of culture that promote and protect the notion of identity. It is indeed a slippery slope as we want to understand a people that are as diverse as any ethnic group yet risk labeling a family that comes in as the archetype of the Spanish speaking culture. The book review for our text "The Latino Patient" said it best,

"While the book does contain a good amount of Latino-specific information, I estimate that 2/3 of its content would be equally applicable to quality care for any type of patient."

Treating people with courtesy, respect and honoring the uniqueness of every individual.

Rogelio quiere una hamburguesa en el restaurante que no es muy popular con su familia...bueno, no necesita una hamburguesa, la quiere!

Gracias Rogelio.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Great Class Everyone

Thanks for a great class tonight! I am amazed at how fast you all learned! Thank you so much for the pronunciation friendly spelling feedback. Hopefully with more practice you won't need that as much. Right now it seems like more me talking than you but this will change as soon as possible. But remember, there is no pressure, at least the first couple of nights :) I will find more language practice sites for you to enjoy that will add to your learning. Thanks for bringing the salsa y tostitos.

Necesito mas agua y chocolate con mi clase de Español en la clinica de San Jose, en Hillsboro.

Hasta pronto.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bienvenidos Todos-Welcome All

For some of you, this place will be a random visit, here and there between your busy schedules. For some, it will be a regular place you will visit to practice on a regular basis. You can use this space however it best suits your needs. I will post online resources based on participant questions and curiosities after each class. Please feel free to comment, recommend other sites you have used and to practice your Spanish. Enjoy your week~