Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ethnic Identity

Greetings all!
Tonight, the discussion was centered on what makes a culture and what are the areas of culture that promote and protect the notion of identity. It is indeed a slippery slope as we want to understand a people that are as diverse as any ethnic group yet risk labeling a family that comes in as the archetype of the Spanish speaking culture. The book review for our text "The Latino Patient" said it best,

"While the book does contain a good amount of Latino-specific information, I estimate that 2/3 of its content would be equally applicable to quality care for any type of patient."

Treating people with courtesy, respect and honoring the uniqueness of every individual.

Rogelio quiere una hamburguesa en el restaurante que no es muy popular con su familia...bueno, no necesita una hamburguesa, la quiere!

Gracias Rogelio.

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