Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Saludos todos.  Aqui esta mas practica para Uds. 
1.  Think of any words that end in -ical...like identical, ethical, practical, fantatical, historical...and make them Spanish words like this:  identico, etico, practico, fanatico, historico.
Otro:  think of words that end in -al...like cultural, global, intellectual, ritual, emocional, normal...and make them Spanish like this:  cultural, global, intelectual (just drop that extra L), ritual...etc.  You get it. 
Su practica:  think of 10+ words for each category and post them in Spanish in the comment section of this post.
2.  Review Presentacion/ Leccion Quinta-the fifth lesson presentation on our blog, listed at the top of the page.  Take special note in slide #4. 
3.  Review, if you have the book Chapter 6-7.  If you do not,have the book, you can happily review what we have covered so far to domination and near perfection.
4.  Sing your introductory conversation to your favorite nursery rhyme.  :)


Sally King said...

Here are 10 words that end in ical in English and ico in spanish:
magico, physico, identico, cynico, ethico, biblico, vertico, graphico, chemico, clinico.

Sally King said...

Here are 10 words that end in ical in English and ico in Spanish: magico, graphico, biblico, chemico, cynico, vertico, ethico, physico, clinico, identico.

Here are 10 words that end in al in both spanish and English: deal, lethal, glacial, occasional, choral, naval, aerial, amoral, admiral, parental. Salluy

Rey de Cathy said...

English words that end in ical in Spanish:
classico, typico, analytico, biblico,
astrologico,critico, mythico, musico,tropico,nautico,whimsico

English words that end in al in Spanish:
cultura, exceptiona, paranorma, radica,ethica, eterna, magica, financia,tota, approva, costa